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The concept of playing in the NFL is exciting. For many football players from lesser-known universities, that possibility can seem difficult to achieve; however, with the proper agent, it is possible. If you are looking to hire an agent to help you go from college to the pros, there are certain attributes that are a must.

  • You want someone you can trust:

In the player and agent relationship, trust is critical. In order to play in the NFL, it is customary for prospects to hire an agent to help them maneuver the difficult process of joining the league. Prospects essentially place their future and trust into the hands of an agent. An agent can help promote a prospect, guide an athlete through legal hassles and help a player make wise financial decisions.

  • You want someone with foundational principles:

An agent must also have foundational principles to stand on. You want an agent who you know will take care of you and will do so honorably and with your best interest at heart. If an agent doesn’t have core principles such as motivation and integrity, you should avoid him or her at all costs.

  • You want someone with outside skills:

An agent must have skills outside of simply sports. Since agents handle the money of athletes quite often, financial skills would come in handy.

If you find an agent that is solid in all three of these areas, you’ve found a good one.